Blessings and Opportunities

Initially, my first story was going to be about my most recent visit to Dubai (coming soon), I thought that with the new year I would reflect on New Years of the past.  This last New Year’s Eve I was in Karachi with my family, and while talking with my uncle, I realized that for the last 4 New Years I have been away from my hometown Los Angeles…

Let me preface this posting by saying, almost everywhere (except for maybe Karachi), there are always bars/restaurants that host NYE parties….I am not one to do that, but still each were memorable in their own way

2012 New Year-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Technically, I missed January 1, 2012 because I was traveling back to Kuala Lumpur from Los Angeles and crossed over the international date line.  I had the opportunity to work in Kuala Lumpur for 7 months in 2011 into 2012, and I was retuning back for the last 2 months of my assignment.  This was a great way to start the year, because I think it highlights my love of travel,  and living in this city and this region that gave me the travel bug that won’t go away.  I am sure that as I continue with this blog, you will hear of my experiences there, and the traveling I did while there.

While I didn’t experience a KL NYE, I know that celebrations include fireworks centered around Petronas Towers (a landmark of KL and the tallest twin towers in the world).  If you do decide to celebrate at a hosted party try to go on a rooftop bar, because you’ll have a great view of the fireworks.


Petronas Towers at night (just imagine it surrounded by fireworks)

2013 Las Vegas, Nevada

Living in Los Angeles, I have heard about Las Vegas and their legendary NYE celebrations, so I imagine it is surprising that this was the first time I have experienced it.  For those of us, who are not interested in the club/bar scene, there is plenty to keep us entertained.  Firstly, they close down the strip to all vehicles, and it becomes one huge street party.  Me and my friends walked to the strip from our hotel, and planted ourselves in front of the Bellagio Hotel.  It was a great night of people watching, experiencing the Fountains at Bellagio show every 1/2 hour, and was capped off with an awesome firework show at midnight.  You see people in funny hats, with noisemakers and silly glasses (and drunk) and the music at the Fountains continues the holiday spirit with Christmas tunes.

Fair warning, Las Vegas can get very chilly during winter, so be prepared to bundle up!!


In front of Bellagio Hotel, Las Vegas

IMG_20121231_201642 20121231_203158

The Fountains at Bellagio dancing to Xmas music

20130101_000740 20130101_000736

The Fireworks Show on the Strip

2014 Istanbul, Turkey

On my way to visit family in Karachi, Pakistan, I took the opportunity of an extended stop over in Istanbul, Turkey, which is how I ended up there for the new year.  I had done some research around what to do on NYE, and decided I would walk around, watch people celebrate and enjoy the fireworks. Since Jan 1, 2014 was going to be my last day in Istanbul, this was a great way to end my wonderful 4 day stop over in a beautiful city.

2015 Karachi, Pakistan

So this most recent New Year was spent in Karachi with family.  After the terrorist attacks at a government school in Peshawar that happened a couple of weeks before, celebrations in the city were fairly on the DL.  Mine was a memorable evening of hanging out with family, and ordering (beef) pepperoni pizza. While this might seem a fairly boring to most, I got to spend it with my aunt, uncle and cousins who I don’t see very often, and that is a blessing.

After reflection of where I have been, and what I have done, I have decided that I am going to try and continue this tradition.  So provide your input in the comments below…where should I be for NYE 2015??

Also, please provide any feedback/suggestions regarding my blog…I’m open to suggestions!


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